Billy Prim - Ivora - Album Release Concert

Ivora Poster

Thursday, February 2nd @ 20:30 PM

Athens Concert Hall

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IVORA is the second album by Greek drummer and composer Billy Prim.

The album’s eight tracks reflect upon and explore the the inner world within everyone, through the story of a hero who begins a voyage of self awareness in the ocean of his consciousness, without a fixed destination. The album takes the listener on a journey of self discovery, willpower and devotion to ultimately reach a place of one's truthful inner self in the final song ‘The Breath of All Things’.

Through his own musical and personal experiences, Prim explores his own understanding of spirituality and the result is a natural sound with free improvisation, strong melodic lines and elements of other genres that bring out a profound heart and soul to draw in and holding the listener's attention until the end.

"We all have a super power, an unbreakable point that lives within us and this is something I feel compelled to explore as an artist and human being," says Prim.

Attila Blaho – Πιάνο
Daniel Mester – Σαξόφωνο / Κλαρινέτο
Adam Bogothy – Κόντραμπάσο
Billy Prim - Τύμπανα

Special Guest:
Michalis Katachanas στη βιόλα.

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