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  • Myrsini Margariti, Effie Agrafioti

    Lila Lalaouni - Sehnsucht

    Periklis Koukos - Dancing Piece III

    Dimitris Dragatakis 01 Sonata no.1 for violin and piano - I. Allegro Moderato

    Elena Papandreou - Lydia Awakens

    George Zervos - Five Variations, for flute and piano

    Picetic-Sakellaridis Piano Duo - Suite for 2 pianos - I - Tango (N. Skalkottas)

    Alkis Papadopoulos - Noessis

(Irida 027)

Works for solo piano performed by Efi Agrafioti

“Efi Agrafioti presents an original, dynamic, particularly important idea for a record, this time for the promotion of Greek music, in the midst of a winter which is proving itself difficult and hostile for the artistic family. Twenty-two captivating compositions, unknown to a large extent, which lead us through the history of music from 1760 to 2020."...



(Irida 024)

Featuring Quartet for oboe and strings (op. 51), Quintet for clarinet and strings (op. 51), and Quartet for strings (op. 57).

All recordings feature the L'Anima String Quartet: Stella Tsani (violin), Brunilda - Eugenia Malo (violin), Elias Sdouko (viola) and Lefki Kolovou (cello). Grammenos Halkias (clarinet) participates in the Quintet for clarinet and strings and Dimitris Vamvas (oboe) participates in the Quartet for oboe and strings.


(Irida 028)

ĒCHOS is Eleni Bratsou’s debut album. As an artist with a dual identity, a singer specializing in ancient music and at the same time an ethnomusicologist with specializing in the field of Mediterranean musical traditions, Eleni Bratsou has developed her personal vocal idiom by interpreting the music she chooses with sensitivity and diligence.


On this, her debut album, she presents an anthology of songs that come from the depths of time, outlining a journey where the cultures of Greece, Cyprus, Castile, Jewish Spain, Provence and Armenia meet.




(Irida J002)

Area Libera is pianist Thanassis Valsamis’ debut album. Featuring 14 of his original compositions, it is a worthy addition to the modern European jazz scene.





(Irida 025)

Greek Muse contains songs by Greek women composers, local and of the diaspora, performed by renowned and internationally recognized soprano Myrsini Margariti and pianist Efi Agrafioti. The selection and location of the works is the result of years of research and study by pianist Efi Agrafiotis in collaboration with the Athens Conservatory Archive, the Lillian Voudouri Music Library of the Friends of Music Association, the "Thomas Tamvakos Archive of Greek Composers" and the Composers' files, in the few cases where they existed.

 Conversations with the river cover This is the first release for Irida Jazz, titled Conversation with the River. The album contains eight pieces by pianist and composer George Dousis.




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Irida 022 200Irida Classical presents the complete works for string quartet by composer Dimitris Dragatakis, performed by the New Hellenic Quartet.

(Irida 021)Irida 021 Cover

Mezzo Soprano Elena Marangou and  pianist Tobias Krampen perform songs by Francis Poulenc, Benjamin Britten, Modest Mussorgsky, Johannes Brahms, Periklis Koukos, George Couroupos and Alkis Baltas.



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irida 004 200(Irida 020)

Works for flute and piano and solo flute by Evangelos Kokkoris.

Flute: Nikos Nikopoulos
Piano: Leto Thomou


irida 018 200This is the second time violinist Danae P. Matschke collaborates on an album with her father, pianist Uwe Matschke, after their first release, titled P. Matschke - Violin Recital, was warmly received by fans and critics alike. For their sophomore effort, they chose sonatas for violin and piano by Beethoven, Debussy and Ravel, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy their renditions of works where the two instruments share equally prominent roles.


irida 017 200"Nine pianists perform musical interpretations of the stories told by their inner voices. With the piano as their vehicle, they embark on a voyage which is at once unconventional and transcendental."




irida 016 200(Irida 016)

Guitarist Nikos Zarkos' second album Female Writing for Guitar, follows in the footsteps of his successful debut album, 21st Century Music for Solo Guitar, which was received enthusiastically by critics and listeners alike. For his second album, (his first in collaboration with Irida Classical), N. Zarkos presents an interesting and original program, the theme of which is works from the 20th and 21st century by women composers, namely Elsa Respighi, Matilde Salvador, Fernande Peyrot, Sofia Gubaidulina, Lina Tonia, Jana Obrovska and Franghiz Ali-Zadeh.

irida mt001 200MT-001

Momo Trio is a modern jazz ensemble formed by George Dousis (piano), Paraskevas Kitsos (double bass) and Nick Cassevetis (drums). The trio focuses on original compositions which are characterized by each member's distinctive musical personality and the trio's collective dynamic approach to sound.

irida 015 200(Irida 015)

Contemporary classical music for flute, by some of Greece's leading experimental composers, performed by virtuoso flautist Ria Georgiadis.

irida 014 200(Irida 014)

Danae Papamattheou Matschke belongs to a new generation of promising Greek violinists, with appearances all over Europe and performances as a soloist with several important orchestras. In 2008 the Union of Greek Critics for Drama and Music awarded her for her appearances with the "Athens Camerata - The Friends of Music" orchestra.


irida 013 200(Irida 013)

Periklis Koukos (b. 1960) is one of the most active and prominent composers of his generation. The draw of his music is so great that he constantly receives requests from soloists and conductors to rearrange his compositions for different instruments or ensembles for them. Only some of these arrangements are presented in this recording, and they were chosen with regard to their similar instrumentation.

irida 012 200(Irida 012)

This album came into being after a suggestion by Irida Classical that the featured composers write music for the Trio In Vivo. The idea was that the works would all reference the style and techniques of minimalist composition,

not so much because of the austerity measures which are currently part of everyday life, but because minimalism is a style which best expresses the quintessence of artistic creation- economy.

irida 011 200(Irida 011)

Violinist Evangelos Papadimitris performs works for solo violin by contemporary composers Christos Samaras, Simos Papanas and Janis Papadimitris.



irida 010 200(Irida 011)

Katerina Mina - Soprano, Elena Mouzalas - Piano

Chopin – Seventeen Polish Songs, op. 74,

Schumann - Frauenliebe und –leben, op.42


irida 009 200(Irida 009)

Partimenti for String Quartet

Ionian String Quartet
Spýros Gikóndis, first violin, Eléni Petrídou, second violin, Andréas Georgotás, viola, Yánnis Toulís, violoncello.