Thanasis Valsamis - Area Libera

(Irida J002)

Area Libera is pianist Thanassis Valsamis’ debut album. Featuring 14 of his original compositions, it is a worthy addition to the modern European jazz scene.






The title of the album is inspired by a note at the end of the score of the song "Round a Turn" by the Italian jazz musician Paolo Damiani which said: "Improvisazione intorno alla propria linea verso un area piu libera e rarefatta", which means: "Improvisation around the given line towards an area more free and sparse. " The same idea is reflected in the composition of the pieces and in the production of the music: the simple rendering of the themes and the melodic motifs as they are inherent in solos and group improvisation, in a sparse and / or open form.



Leonidas Sarantopoulos - Flute,

Andreas Polyzogopoulos - Trumpet,

Thanassis Valsamis - Piano,

George Ventouris - Double Bass,

Vangelis Kotzambasis - Drums