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irida 003 200(Irida 003)

Orchestral Suites could be considered to be a musical portrait of acclaimed composer Periklis Koukos. The pieces on this CD are orchestral versions of pieces from two of his operas- Manuel Salinas and Conroy and his Copies, performed by the Sofia Radio Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Valeri Vatchev.




Koukos' stage music with its eclectic harmonic and melodic elements and frequent use of polyrhythms really shines in these arrangements for a symphony orchestra where various timbres are brought out, with combined parts for brass and woodwinds as well as for strings and percussion.

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Conroy and his Copies

1. Overtrure
2. Dancing Piece
3. Farewell
4. Conroy's World
5. What Could it be?
6. Abominable Figures
7. Love Song
8. Hymn to Conroy

Manuel Salinas

9. Overture
10. You
11. The Island
12. Landscapes
13. Dancing Piece I
14. Dancing Piece II
15. Nocturne
16. Dancing Piece III
17. Creation