Effie Agrafioti - Sounds From The Drawer

(Irida 027)

Works for solo piano performed by Efi Agrafioti

“Efi Agrafioti presents an original, dynamic, particularly important idea for a record, this time for the promotion of Greek music, in the midst of a winter which is proving itself difficult and hostile for the artistic family. Twenty-two captivating compositions, unknown to a large extent, which lead us through the history of music from 1760 to 2020."...

Eleni Bratsou - Echos

(Irida 028)

ĒCHOS is Eleni Bratsou’s debut album. As an artist with a dual identity, a singer specializing in ancient music and at the same time an ethnomusicologist with specializing in the field of Mediterranean musical traditions, Eleni Bratsou has developed her personal vocal idiom by interpreting the music she chooses with sensitivity and diligence.


On this, her debut album, she presents an anthology of songs that come from the depths of time, outlining a journey where the cultures of Greece, Cyprus, Castile, Jewish Spain, Provence and Armenia meet.


Flying Jazz Trio - Abel

Irida J007 Cover(Irida J007)

In his musical journey so far, Stefanos Andreadis has displayed a strong mix of ele‐ ments, choices and experiences that make up his musical personality and his iden‐ tity as a creator: Original ideas, on which he bases his compositions, his tenacity and devotion to his purpose and aesthetic choices and patience and perseverence in building his musical identity that make him stand out and conquer his own space the Greek jazz scene, which has evolved to become particularly rich, dy‐ namic and demanding.