Periklis Koukos - Dreams

irida 013 200(Irida 013)

Periklis Koukos (b. 1960) is one of the most active and prominent composers of his generation. The draw of his music is so great that he constantly receives requests from soloists and conductors to rearrange his compositions for different instruments or ensembles for them. Only some of these arrangements are presented in this recording, and they were chosen with regard to their similar instrumentation.

Trio In Vivo - Drops Of Time

irida 012 200(Irida 012)

This album came into being after a suggestion by Irida Classical that the featured composers write music for the Trio In Vivo. The idea was that the works would all reference the style and techniques of minimalist composition,

not so much because of the austerity measures which are currently part of everyday life, but because minimalism is a style which best expresses the quintessence of artistic creation- economy.

Evangelos Papadimitris - For Solo Violin

irida 011 200(Irida 011)

Violinist Evangelos Papadimitris performs works for solo violin by contemporary composers Christos Samaras, Simos Papanas and Janis Papadimitris.